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Vampire Diaries Season 4 Spoilers

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Now that  it's over this season I think all the  fans are probably eager to know further,  especially as the end of this episode has left many questions and things to imagine.
I am honest and just  when I think as is so long time before  September ...

My quest for finding some details about season 4 I found something that I think you'll like and will satisfy you and even less desire to know more.

I put this article founded on specifying that isn't belong to me  personally. I hope you'll  enjoy it as I liked.

" Original doppelganger Tatia may show up & more in this new set of Vampire Diaries season 4 spoiler possibilities. Recently, Hollywood Life chatted it up with main Vampire Diaries starlet Nina Dobrev, and she dropped a few season 4 teasers. First, she revealed that everything changes all the time with the relationships and stuff, so Elena could still find herself hooking back up with Damon.
Also,now that she’s going to be a vampire, she may start to remember that she actually met Damon before she met Stefan. They also revealed that Tatia,who is the original Elena doppelganger, may show up on the scene. Nina said, she’s going to have to cross that bridge when they get there,and she “literally has to figure that whole thing out,if and when that happens.”
Well, that’s it for now, but that was a wicked finale last night.  We knew they were gonna turn Elena at some point.  We just didn’t know when. Wow! I have to admit,  it was sooner than we expected "

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