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Twilight heroine, Kristen Stewart has gone unrecognized

New movie of the young actresses Kristen Stewart, Snow White And The Huntsman sends you  to think of a fantasy style Lord of The Rings. Film that reaches 1 June in Romania has released new images and series Twilight star looks almost unrecognizable. While the movie is inspired by the fairy tale Snow White but is not for children.

In the new pictures Kristen Stewart is sent to die in the woods by her stepmother played by Charlize Theron. But Hunter (Chris Hemsworth) leaves her to survive and more, he become a mentor for her.  

With a budget of 100 million dollars Snow White And The Huntsman is very dark, has impeccable battle scenes made ​​and promises to be visually stunning.

"I was nervous and intimidated to work with Charlize Theron. It is wonderful in everything she does and I respect as an actress and woman. Charlize exceeded my expectations. When entering in a room everyone looks at her. She  is fast, fun and attracts attention " revealed Kristen Stewart.

Charlize did not give any lower"Indeed, I love this girlShe  is beautiful, talented and very naturalKristen is part of the actresses who are dedicated 100%  plays the roles. I could jump out the window for her ", said Oscar-winning actress.

The movie is directed by Rupert Sanders and that producers from Universal Pictures will make it a grand trilogy will be released on June 1 this year, and expectations are huge 

Trailer from Snow White And The Huntsman was elected MTV 3rd among the best trailer released last year. The film promises to be a visual masterpiece.

Kristen Stewart brings to life a powerful Snow White, dressed in armor and with sword in hand. Hunter, played by Chris Hemsworth, is a fearless warrior with exciting fight scenes and a mentor who teaches to fight, and special effects used for  the evil queen magic mirror become alive. 
Kristen Stewart as a warrior fighting with giant monsters, gather an army in a medieval landscape filled with knights, castles and soldiers in armor and reach the middle of epic battles.

I can assure the fans that I'm unrecognizable in this film. They  never saw me like this. I was often hurt filming this production. I jumped off the cliff,  I rode horses,  which frightens me,  but is also what attracted me most about this movie " reveled the 22 years actress

In 2012  the actress will bring at Cannes Film Festival, On the Road a dramatic adventure that defines the beat generation, young generation who experienced the war and postwar society disappointed, started to beat America's roads and wide to know and understand their world. From the distribution of the On the Road are Garrett Hedlund, Sam Riley and Viggo Mortensen.

In autumn on this year, she brings to the big screen last part of the love story between a vampire and a human:  Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part II.  Manufacturers expect global revenues of 700 million dollars which would raise the total value of the vampire franchise to over 3 billion dollars.

What do you think about this?Are you excited from Snow White and the Huntsman ?

                                                                                        Source: procinema.ro 

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