luni, 28 mai 2012

Robert Pattinson nude in Cosmopolis?

Reported this week in Cannes where was the premiere of  his latest film, Cosmopolis,  Robert Pattinson talked about the drama of  David Cronerberg  with magazine editors Metro France. According to them, although a fan of Cronenberg and was delighted to work with it, there was something that the actor was forced to reject: a scene of total nudity.

 "At one point, with only five minutes before shooting began, David told me that he wants some of my genital organs appear in the top of the frame," revealed Pattinson. "At that moment, I thought that there was nothing that  I could refuse to Cronenberg. However, I went to tell him that the thing that he asked me will not happened. "

It seems that the filmmaker has been pretty good with the actor decision. "He accepted my refusal without discussion," said Pattinson. "At first, you see, is a very bizarre scene, which I assure you you will not find in another movie" he added.

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